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Old / homebrew computing

Homebrew CPU Marvelous home computer built from scratch (including the CPU which uses 200 TTL chips). Includes flashing lights!
MCPU Link to an PDF article entitled "MCPU - A Minimal 8Bit CPU in a 32 Macrocell CLPD". Possibly the simplest CPU imaginable
PISC CPUs Link to an page entitled "A Minimal TTL Processor for Architecture Exploration". Some designs are described for "Pathetic Instruction Set CPUs" which could be made fairly functional with a little more work.
David G. Conroy page This link is to a PDP8 system implemented in an FPGA - very nice. Go up one level and you will find the (more complex) PDP4 implemented in FGPA and some documentation on the DEC Alpha CPU.
Doug Jones's DEC PDP-8 Index One of many PDP8 resource sites but a definite favourite of mine. I found the "A Programmer's Reference Manual for the PDP-8" particularly interesting

FPGA and simple compilers

Obfuscated Tiny C Compiler Extremely small x86 C compiler hosted on Linux capable of compiling itself.
Edmund Grimley Evans site Check out the bcompiler page and associated tar ball. He bootstraps a compiler and defines a simple language from more or less nothing!
Opencores An excellent source of hardware building blocks for System On Chip on FPGAs

Valve & Radio

Duncan's Amp Pages A large and comprehensive site including audio amp schematics, simulation tools, free downloads and the best valve data base I've found on the web.
The National Valve Museum This site has a large collection of valve pictures, each with a short description of the valve shown and also several different indices to assist in locating valves. Highly recommended!
JMH's Virtual Valve Museum A large collection of valves with many unusual types such as microwave devices, CRTs, camera tubes etc. A good search engine is provided.
Jonz Valve page Great site with lots of old radios/TVs, test equipment, information and a very cool 405 line TV testcard generator project with full data.
Bob's Music/Vacuum Tube Audio / Electronics page Lots of tube audio projects. Cool site with projects, data, links and the story of the VT52 triode. Lots on Directly Heated Triodes and not just for your output stage!
AB0CW's Vintage Communications Gear, Homebrew, and Longwave page By Mark, AB0CW. A large site with Ham radio projects, commercial Ham equipment, military and broadcast gear.
AF4K homepage By Brian, AF4K/G3XLQ. An extensive site including radios and components for sale.
Glowbugs web pages By Ken, W7EKB. A good collection of glowbug circuits.
QRP, Hand Made Amateur Radio site By Kaz, JF1OZL. An excellent, large site with many low voltage valve circuits.
Harry's homebrew homepage By Harry, SM0VPO. Large, multi hosted Ham radio website with some nice valve circuits. Other sites Harry maintains have data sheet libraries.
G3XBM's homepage Roger is a long time QRP (low power) and homebrew enthusiast and a great fan of simple equipment. He also lives only 2 miles from me which is useful for testing out new rigs!
M0AWS & F5VKM Home Mike is an avid antenna experimenter and DX op. Many of his antenna designs are on his site.
M1ACB Amateur Radio Steve puts a lot of effort into the East Suffolk Wireless Revival radio rally at Ipswich each year. For the forthcoming 2009 rally details and pictures of the fun we have each year there check out his site.
WD4NKA homepage Various glowbugs, (including the "Regenerodyne") and the home of Tubepad, a schematic drawing package.

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